Balance Your Carbon
Footprint Today

We think accountability is important, we hope you do as well!

Our Mission

  1. Make it easy for consumers and businesses to become carbon balanced.

  2. Financially support projects in America that reduce emissions, create jobs and lower our dependence on foreign oil.

  3. Be able to tell our children and grandchildren that we did more to contribute to the struggle against global warming than just balance our own carbon footprint.

Who Are We?

We're parents, members of communities, aunts, uncles, people who want to make the world a better place. We care what happens to the environment and recognize the need to do something about it. Understandably it's not always possible or practical to downsize homes or vehicles, yet we still want to do our very best so we:

  • Recycle at home and at the office
  • Use recycled paper and eco-friendly inks
  • Use filtered water instead of bottled
  • Conserve electricity whenever possible
  • Use Web tools for meetings instead of traveling
  • Carpool and minimize driving

Because we can't completely eliminate our carbon footprint, we have chosen to purchase carbon offsets to balance our footprint. Why carbon offsets?

  1. Offsets offer an immediate impact by supporting emissions reduction projects

  2. Purchasing offsets is significantly less expensive than purchasing a new car or solar panels

  3. There is nothing to install and maintain

  4. It allows us to be carbon balanced now, not later


We have chosen to source our offsets only from US-based projects that meet certain verification standards. Why? Because we too have read the negative press about some carbon marketing companies and know that some people are skeptical about carbon offsets. By ensuring that any offsets we buy and sell have met an appropriate certification process, we can provide proven accountability to our customers and eliminate concerns regarding:

  • Double counting of credits
  • The project's ability to meet "additionality" requirements (that is, the project truly reduces carbon output and would not have been undertaken without the value derived from selling the credits
  • Formal registration and retirement of credits
  • Verified product labels on every sale we make